Thursday, 22 July 2021

Online activities

Here are links to various online events I've taken part in this year - posted here, perhaps, because it's easy to start thinking that you haven't done anything at all during the pandemic. Most of the links lead to online poetry readings, but there are also videos from live events, conferences and so on. 

10 July: Poets and Writers International Studio, online reading:

9 July: Back to Back/Face to Face, Sofia Literature and Translation House reading:

27 June: Poets without Borders, online reading:

13 June: Poets without Borders, online reading:

6 June: Poets without Borders, online reading:

2 June: Saloanele literare “Familia” #4, online reading:

23 Apr: All the World is Translation: conference in honour of Alexander Shurbanov:

17 Apr: Poets with Borders reading for Coracle Europe Festival:

26 Mar: Translating Geo Milev with Angel Igov and Bozhil Hristov for Elizabeth Kostova Foundation, online seminar:

(Photo of me and Kristin thanks to Sofia Literature and Translation House.)