Thursday, 23 January 2014

Launching Colourful Star

If you like reading the kind of thing that's posted here, on Recreation Ground, then do click through to Colourful Star.
This is a new Anglo-Bulgarian collaborative arts project which has just gone on line and features paintings by the Bulgarian artist Marina Shiderova with accompanying texts written by myself and Marina's sister. We will be posting regularly on the site - there will be still lifes, landscapes and portraits; poems, stories and articles. There isn't an overall theme as such - just the aim of exploring and celebrating the possibilities of collaboration between artists working in different fields and in different countries.
Like many projects, Colourful Star originates in chance meetings and the discovery of shared interests - with the ideas behind it slowly being modified and developed through emails and Facebook exchanges. And no doubt those ideas will continue to develop as the project progresses.
To my knowledge, collaborative art projects between the UK and Bulgaria (and SE Europe in general for that matter) are few and far between - and as part of this project we will also be looking to explore elements of Bulgarian culture and cultural traditions. 
The first post - featuring Marina's painting 'Jars' and a short poem written in response to it - is up now - with new posts appearing once a week from now on ... 

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