Saturday, 5 October 2013

From 'Below Tsarevets'

Excerpt from a work in progress

Chance has been a fine thing.
In Sozopol, in the Bar Small Tequila,
I was ordering bottles of Burgasko
for a friend from home I’d not seen
in months – and not being able
to find my hotel in labyrinthine Nesebar,
who’d have guessed that I’d run into
that Irish Bulgarian after closing time
who was staying in the room next door?
Never mind how we coincided
six months before ...

And so, yes, now I’m sitting below Tsarevets
as lights play over the church, castle walls,
thinking you should be the first to know
that I’ve reached Veliko Turnovo,
that I’m learning to trust to my luck.

Tom Phillips, Oct 2013

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