Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Summer in Vermosh

As I've previously mentioned on this blog, I'm returning to Albania next month to work on the summer programme of the Balkan Peace Park Project (http://balkanspeacepark.org/), working with young people in the northern community of Vermosh to create a community play in two weeks and see it performed at the end of the programme. Vermosh is six hours' drive from the city of Shkodra, in the so-called Accursed Mountains, very close to the border between Albania and Montenegro. Three-four pages of photographs by someone who drove from Shkodra to Vermosh a couple of years ago are posted on the web here: http://www.panoramio.com/user/2518574?comment_page=8&photo_page=14
There are also photographs from the 2007 Vermosh Summer Festival on YouTube here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9aLnIHA8OX8
And you can find out how to support our trip here: http://www.justgiving.com/Tom-Phillips5

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